Why Most Indie Films Fail

Hint: It’s not about the money.

Though most independent filmmakers can’t access the mass market due to capital restraints, lack of funds is not the issue. The majority of independent films fail because the filmmakers did not know (and did not know how to reach) their specific audience.

In this day and age, knowing your niche audience is the most critical part of selling your completed film.

The more specific and targetable your audience, the better. Avoid the age quadrant! Your audience is not simply, “females aged between 18 and 36.”

The Busted Buggy team has developed a successful way to Identify, Quantify, and Target your audience, by calculating a project’s “IQT score.” Obtaining your IQT score is the first step in understanding your audience and should be a key factor in monetizing them during distribution.

When you request a FREE IQT score, our team of experts will evaluate your project’s viability to identify, quantify, and target its niche audience. For high-ranking IQT projects, Team Busted Buggy offers additional services to assist in building this audience on an indie level.

Contact Busted Buggy today to request your IQT score and start your project on the path to success.

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