The Story Behind the Busted Buggy

As a child, Courtney Daniels, the owner of Busted Buggy Entertainment, often visited her grandparents in Flagstaff, Arizona. Or “Grandma Camp,” as Daniels fondly referred to it.

“There was a playhouse on the property where I’d try on my grandma’s vintage shoes and clothes and play dress-up.” At her grandmother’s encouragement, Daniels acted on the deck, putting on shows for the family dog. “As long as I was using my imagination, Grandma didn’t mind when I wore her old, expensive dresses into the woods, dragging them through the dirt and mud.”

When Daniels grew older, she wanted to drive the Jeep which remained on her grandparents’ property. Her grandparents told her, “If you can get it out of neutral, best of luck…” So at fourteen years old, Daniels learned how to drive the stick-shift, aluminum Jeep which dated back to “the War” and contained a kill-switch.

By sixteen, Daniels wanted to drive the Jeep off the property. Whenever she asked to borrow it, her grandparents consistently told her, “Well, the buggy’s busted!” It became their excuse for the Jeep to never be available, earning its official title: “the busted buggy.”

Now an actress and avid animal rescue supporter, Daniels has taken the wheel of Busted Buggy Entertainment to drive female-focused content to as many formats as possible.

“It makes me think of them,” Daniels said of Busted Buggy Entertainment’s logo. “My grandparents had a huge impact on my life.”

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